Selected Digital Prints

“(...)Over the past twelve years, Morris has traveled to Israel, India, Egypt and other countries studying Judaism, spirituality and Kabbalah. This ongoing research and spiritual investigation has yielded a new and exciting body of work. Using digital technology as a tool, Morris expands the visual possibilities of language as a “communication device, which holds many properties beyond the sterility of text.” Her images take on a special quality of light, which read more like an internal glow or emanation than light falling or reflecting off an object. This lends an ineffable quality to the work. Complex patterns and pictorial rhythms are utilized to great effect, and recall the pictorial conventions of mandalas. As a contemporary visual artist, Morris explores the visual intensity of the mandala in conjunction with the calligraphic qualities of Hebrew letterforms, and seeks to focus the attention of viewers and establish a meditative experience.”-Curator of the American Jewish Museum, David Stanger

Photos below: photo 1 and 2 from the PCA Biennial 2008, Shekinah is Coming out of Exile, Digital Epsilon Print, metallic paper, 48"x48', plexiglas mount, Eheh Asher Eheh, I AM THAT I AM, Digital Epsilon Print, metallic paper, 48"x48', plexiglas mount